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Today, with an ever growing production, with double digit annual growth, and with a comprehensively renewed technological infrastructure, the Egyptian German Porcelain company represents one of the Porcelain sector's leading forces and best promises for aesthetic creation, customer satisfaction, and quality delivery.

We are a working force fully devoted to the diffusion of the art values, the ethics and the professionalism instigated into us by Fathi Mahmoud and Sayed Fathy Mahmoud. With a strong sense of personal integrity and team spirit, we strive to deliver the worldwide best combination of technical dexterity, technological update, and esthetic inventiveness.

With a plant covering a surface area of ……… m2, with 6 powder machines and 25 clay machines, with several sections of manual casting and decoration, and a recently increased number of kilns of the latest technology, we achieve a production of over 20,000 tons per annum and plan on doubling the volume until 2012.

Based in Alexandria, Egypt, we deliver world class porcelain to a great number of sectors, serving the local, regional and global markets through several sales points. Our dedication to the vision and values set by Fathi Mahmoud is key to understanding our success; and our wholehearted pledge is equally shared by all of us.


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