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1942 - 1952 Fathi Mahmoud oscillates between Art and Industrialization of the Art
1955 Establishment of the first (earthenware) factory in Shubra, Cairo
Late 50s 50 workers (first HR threshold)
1952 President Nasser visits the factory
1980 Purchase of land in the Alexandria industrial zone
1982 Fathi Mahmoud passes away Sayed Fathy Mahmoud takes over
1886 Transfer of the factory from Cairo to Alexandria
1664 700-strong workforce
Mid 90s Participation in international exhibitions
(Tendence, Ambiente – Germany; the Hotel Show – Dubai)
1998 - 1999 Presence in European markets: Italy, France, Spain, England
Major company expansion
2000 1400 workers in the turn of the millennium;
2004 Implementation of new state-of-the-art technologies / robotic systems
2005 - 2007 Major company expansion
2008 Human Resources over 1800 posts

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