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We, at the Egyptian German Porcelain Company, value art, esthetic concept and creativity, artistic quality, personal integrity, and professional commitment. We are bound to assess all three dimensions of artistic work, namely:

* the idea – the concept or artistic impetus behind the work
* the practice – the effectiveness or how the artistic work is put into practice and the impact it has on our customers who experience it, and
* the development – the influence the artistic work exercises on the development of our business perceived as both, an art form and a continual interaction with our customer base.

We highly appreciate accountability, leadership, teamwork, and customer service.

Since the very moment of our inception, we aligned our actions, endeavors and accomplishments with our system of values and our perception of professionalism.

Our shared values have always guided all our corporate decisions and shaped our commitment; we definitely consider them as the reason for our outstanding market status and continued success.

Adapting our production to the latest technologies, improving our practices, and enhancing our skills are permanent challenges for us on the path to global prevalence which was first envisioned by our founder, Fathy Mahmoud.
More specifically and with respect to our manufacturing procedures, we fully comprehend that the character of the raw materials is critical in maintaining quality during the manufacturing process. In fact, the chemical composition, the mineral phase, the particle size distribution, and the colloidal surface area fully affect the fired and unfired properties of the porcelain.

As regards the unfired body, the properties evaluated include viscosity, plasticity, shrinkage, and strength. In regard with the fired porcelain, we do measure strength, porosity, color, and thermal expansion. Most of these properties are being monitored and controlled during the manufacturing using statistical methods. We are committed to perfectly adjusting raw materials and process parameters (namely milling time, forming pressure) in order to always achieve the desired quality.
We, at the Egyptian German Porcelain Company, consider the promotion of employee health & safety measures as a critical issue. Our policy is to do all that it takes to prevent personal injury and damage to property; we are determined to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards.

Bearing full responsibility for our employee health & safety, we
- Identify potential workplace-generated hazards, and assess risks
- Keep a tidy workplace and ensure high maintenance level in the factory and the premises
- Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment
- Make available specialized training and instruction in order to help employees perform their work safely and without risk to their health
- Maintain a constant and scrupulous interest in all health & safety issues
- Appraise labor practices that ensure safety
- Seek eventual advice from safety specialists
- Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements
- Keep record of all accidents, ill health, and insurance claims
- Hire a safety officer to daily oversee the factory, identify hazards, assess risks, and train employees
- Set up a formal safety committee to eventually deal with emergencies
- Consult with employees on various cases of physical hazards, health hazards, chemical hazards, and human-factor hazards.

We extend this policy to the general public, insofar as they come into contact with the company premises and factory.
The Egyptian German Porcelain Company is an environmentally conscientious world citizen. We are deeply concerned with the protection of the environment in which we live. We adequately resume our collective responsibility to work while keeping the environment clean and safe for future generations. We clearly understand the importance of designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing products with a minimal environmental burden.

We have deployed considerable efforts to retain a leadership role in meeting environmental compliance requirements. As a matter of fact, we have increased our recycling efforts. More specifically, we have had a special unit constructed next to the factory for the purpose of drainage treatment. In this way, the entire volume of the water we use in the manufacturing process, after being properly treated, is discharged into the salt lake area at the outskirts of Alexandria. Actually, part of the used and treated water volume is being used for plant irrigation in the company garden and adjacent areas. On the other hand, we implemented an electricity network to replace the diesel power generators.

In addition, our products fully comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) directive of the European Union, and the environment-related Egyptian legislation. We abide by the laws and regulations of the countries and communities where we operate.

As countries and regions are forcefully changing from being centered on regulatory policies and tend to rather focus on the entire product lifecycle, we design products, having as fundamental consideration the life cycle of the products.
Social responsibility is highly valued amongst us, and our commitment to the Alexandrian community in Egypt is an apparent corroboration of the social dimensions of our business purpose.

Beyond our fund for social solidarity that brings food to the needy and helps disadvantaged families of the area, we have added an energetic program of social education with art, and more particularly pottery and porcelain, as basic topics presented to schoolchildren visiting our factory.

Ever since our establishment in Alexandria, we pioneered a beautification program, and ever since we have actively contributed to the embellishment of our district, the Alexandria industrial zone, and a part of the Alexandria – Cairo highway.

We are currently planning on extending a Medical Outreach Program to bring medical and healthcare services to destitute people who are not covered by Social Security.

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