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An Artist with a Vision

Born in 1918 in Egypt Fathy Mahmoud has been one of Egypt's foremost artists. He graduated from the Cairo College of Applied Arts in 1938 specializing in Sculpture and Interior Design. His resourceful artistic talent and his art philosophy were the reasons of an outstanding productivity. His studio, where Fathy Mahmoud executed most of his works, was indeed Cairo's largest bronze casting workshop.

Fathy Mahmoud was a champion of the Modern Art and Design; he was one of the few artists in Egypt at the time to embrace the aesthetic imperatives of the modern minimalistic design. Furthermore, he was a combatant artist, and did not limit himself into pure artistic creativity, but passionately tried to make people properly touch and vividly experience the artistic creation. This approach has been reflected in the motto he coined: 'Art for Millions of People'.

His vast artistic opus can be encountered throughout Egypt, in many cities' roads and squares; in addition, wall panels that fully demonstrate his great talent decorate of Egypt's most important buildings, universities and monuments.

Fathy Mahmoud was awarded 21 first prizes for sculpture work in various local and international contests. Furthermore, he was awarded the second prize for the largest sculptured wall panel at the 1958 international exhibition at Brussels.

According to Fathy Mahmoud's vision, the art had to be reflected in various industries, notably modern steel furniture, architecture, and interior design. Being one of the pioneering Egyptian industrial designers, he helped usher the Egyptian society into the Era of the Industrial Design.

He therefore established an office for architectural engineering and a factory for modern furniture (Furniture for the Age). To further diffuse his artistic vision and creations, he established in 1942 the first Ceramic (Earthenware) Factory in Cairo.

More lately, Fathi Mahmoud laid the foundation of the Egyptian German Porcelain Company which continued his vision of 'Art for Millions of People' through successive generations.

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